Feminist Library Review

During the half-term, I went to the Feminist Library with my friend/pen – pal Lucky. We went there to do a project on women in history. We went to that library in particular because it is a feminist library so that means it is about women. Lucky writes a notebook on women in history and I do my blog so it was a good place for us to find information.

I was so excited to get there that the journey felt super quick. I was expecting a wide range of books, but what I was not expecting was a whole load of sweets just for us! That’s exactly what happened…

When we arrived a woman named Sarah gave us a tour of the feminist library. There were books on Jewish women, Irish women Lesbian women and women of colour. That was not all there were journals, magazines, zines, letters and books. We saw some old and delicate books from the 1970s when the library opened. They even put out a wonderful display out on feminism, as well as the colouring set on women. The staff were lovely and treated us well.

There was great information there about women in science and other genres. It has given me ideas for my next blog. This library was not huge, but it was comfortable. In normal libraries there are usually restricted seats but in this library you can sit anywhere because it is small place.

I would recommend this place to you all feminist or not. It is in Waterloo the nearest train stop is Lambeth north. You do have to call in advance but it is AMAZING!


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