‘Oh My Gods’ by Alexandra Sheppard – review

‘Oh My Gods’ is a wonderful and really adventurous book. It explains so much about Greek myths. The author Alexandra Sheppard is amazing at keeping me reading all night long. My favourite thing about the book is probably the quality of the writing; it is so tremendous. I also like the way that she can make the letters (from the main character Helen to her mother) in the book as interesting as the story itself.

Oh My Gods pic

If you haven’t read the book here are some reasons why you should read it:

  • It has an amazing plot
  • Really explains the life of an abnormal teenager (find out why she is abnormal when you read the book!)
  • It really makes your opinion change on the story as you go on
  • Every chapter is a cliff hanger
  • It is just pure amazingness!


What I liked about the genre is that there is never a boring part of action. It’s ever exciting or tension building. Action would have to be my favourite genre, as it is always amazing how every part is as astounding as the other.


My favourite character in the book was Helen as she just wanted to be normal, not realising how special she was. She also was quite wary of her dad. This also shows how well structured the personalities of the book are (also another reason why I love the book, well done Alexandra Sheppard!)

What I liked about the setting is that it wasn’t like it was some sort of magical fairy-tale land from far far away, but that it was just in North London close to where I live. This is exciting because I don’t usually find stories that are based on where I live. I could imagine myself being Helen very easily.

I would definitely recommend the story for ages 11+ as any younger children might not understand the humour of the text. I would recommend this book to be read as it is really funny and imaginative story. There is also a Q and A at the end of the book just to get to know the author.

I would give this story a five star rating!

Image result for five stars

I hope you read the story!



  1. Thank you so much for this brilliant review! It might just be my favourite ever. I’m so lucky to have such smart, talented readers and I can’t wait to see what you blog about next.

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