BGBC’s epic YA Brunch!

On The 23rdof February (my 10th birthday weekend!) I went to the Black Girls Book Club’s first YA (young adults) brunch!

On my way there I was really ecstatic and nervous at the same time. I was excited because I was going to meet a lot of new people that like reading YA books like me. On the other hand, I was quite scared because YA fiction is like age 11+ and I am only 10; this worried me because it meant all of the people there would be older than me. Turns out that the girls I were talking to were a bit older than me but that didn’t matter because we all had a lot in common.

My favourite part of the day would have to be when Alexandra Sheppard signed my book! That was my favourite part because Alexandra Sheppard is my favourite author and Oh My Gods is my favourite book. I felt like I had met a celebrity. I was also thrilled because I had the idea (with the help of Black Girls Book Club) to blog about my trip to that glorious brunch.

Firstly, all of the children and the adults – on separate tables – talked amongst themselves. I really liked this part because it meant we all got to know one another and have a few jokes. What we also done is used some of the goodies in the goodie bags. There were toys and snacks; my favourite thing in the bag was the Bear Yoyo fruit string.

Then we all ate some mouth-watering food. I had burger and chips (yum), but one of my friends got chicken and waffles and I was so regretful that I didn’t get it. Hers looked so good and apparently tasted so good too. Anyway I still loved my food! I also got some lovely extra chocolate as a bonus.

After lunch  brunch, we had a quiz on the book using Kahoot. I was getting the first few questions right then…


My phone wouldn’t let me carry on the test. I was so frustrated.

After the test we talked amongst ourselves again. This time a lot of people started leaving because the brunch was almost finished. So a lot of my friends were leaving now but that was fine because I started speaking to other people, which meant I made more friends! We had a good laugh and it was great.

At the end we all went downstairs because our booking upstairs was over. Then I took a picture with my mum using the photo booth. Soon after me and my friend had a few drinks and messed about. A little later mum asked me if I wanted to take a photo in the photo booth with Alexandra! I said “OMG YES!” in reply to my mother.

Overall, it was an epic blast. I hope Black Girl’s Book Club do another YA brunch because it is an incredible environment. Everyone is so kind and supportive when you do anything.

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