‘Lightning’ Struck Me After Reading This!

I have some BIG NEWS! After the success of my review on the fabulous Oh My Gods (a book you must read if you’re 11+) written by the wonderful Alexandra Sheppard, Scholastic children’s publishers told me that they wanted to send me books to review! Lightning Girl by Alesha Dixon arrived in the post on Wednesday. I ripped open the package with glee. I couldn’t wait to read the book and review it on here.

I saw bright colours as I opened the package. The bold letters jumped out at me and the colours shined. As soon as I saw the author’s name on it I was excited because I like Alesha’s music (my mum made me listen to Mis-Teeq when I was 7 and I loved it!) I also watch her on Britain’s Got Talent and The Greatest Dancer, so I was excited about reading her book. And then I saw the girl on the front cover and it really excited me because she looked exactly like me! I knew this was a book that I just had to read.

I finished it in two days, it was that good! Well done Alesha Dixon!

My all time favourite characters in the book are Suzie Bravo, because she has so much attitude (like my mother, but she says it’s more like me…) and that makes the story so much funnier! My other favourite character is Aunt Lucinda because she is extremely mischievous and that is also so amazing. Read the book to find out more on the characters 😉

What I loved about the setting is that it was quite normal places – school, home, museums – turned into places full of villains and superheroes and their one (or five!) sidekicks. I also liked the way that it was at school because it’s something I’m familiar with.

I would say this book was a bit too young for me, but it was still funny and an enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend it to ages 6-9 as it has a lot of jokes that children within this age group would find very funny.

You should read the book because:

  1. It is really funny.
  2. It’s has EPIC illustrations (great job James Lancett & Steve Simpson!)
  3. It has a lot of unexpected moments.
  4. It’s extremely eventful.
  5. Everything works so well together.

Overall, it is an exquisite book full of (fantastic) lol moments.

Hope you enjoyed reading my book review on Lightning Girl!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I like the way it begins and that it has a notable mixture of commentary on the characters and content of ‘Lightning Girl’ and observations on the cover and illustrations.


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