‘Lost and Found’

A few months ago, I entered the BBC 500 Words competition. I didn’t win the competition, but that’s okay because I tried my best on my story and that’s all that counts. I thought you guys might want to read my story. So here it is:

My heart was pounding as I cautiously ran through the forest. I should have listened to Dad, I thought shamefully. But why can I hear my pet snake, Shakira, hissing to me, calling me? She slid away a month ago! Dad had always said there was something “wrong” with Shakira. I don’t know why.

I was so confused with what was going on. Dad had always told me: Never ever go into the forest it is dangerous, understood? But I no longer cared what Dad told me, I heard that sound. No lie! 

I had sneaked into the forest many times before, but only on the outskirts. I couldn’t quite recognise the area though. I could usually still see my hut because the trees weren’t as thick as they are now. Was I lost? No! of course not. Then the penny finally dropped.

“I am lost!” I cried.  I stood there like a petrified statue that had come to life. I wished I had listened to Dad. I strained my brain to remember where I went. But still nothing. All I needed was help.

Then, without warning, I found myself standing next to Shakira. My heart leapt out of my chest like a flea in a circus. Shakira was like a sister to me. Seeing her again after all these days made me feel so grateful.

Shakira and I, hand in hand ran around this maze of a forest trying to find our way out. I felt safer with Shakira holding my hand. Until the voice kept calling. But Shakira was next to me? So why was I hearing the same voice? Was it her making the sound?

And then I saw it. Something white floating like a feather towards me. 

“Help!” I cried, not knowing what to do. Horrified, I fell with a thump. Shakira slid towards the figure. What is she doing? I thought. The figure had a face with lips as red as blood. It smiled, delighted. 

“Chiquitaaaaaa,” I heard Shakira whisper. Why was Shakira hissing my mother’s name?

“Daughter, sit down,” said the woman that Shakira was calling Chiquita.

“No, you’re not my mother,” I said defiantly. 

“Yes, I am, Santana” whispered the ghost. 

I slowly backed away from this creepy ghost. I bumped into a tree with a bang. 

“Are you alright Santana darling?” said the ghost. The voice reminded me of the voice I heard when I was a baby. 

“You are my mum aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yes Santana,” Mum replied.

We had a long talk about what happened after she left us. I finally knew what was going on. I felt relieved but also unhappy that my mother is dead. I wished she could speak to me as a human.

Mum offered to drop me home. The walk wasn’t so scary now that I had my mother by my side, even if she was a ghost. It was like the trees swished making a song and the birds tweeted, singing along.

Finally my front door was in my face. I had keys, so I opened the door. I waved to Dad but he walked right through me. What was going on?

“Dad!” I screamed. But there was no reply.  I was helpless. “Daaaaaad!” I yelled even more. He couldn’t hear me.

But my mum could.


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