As you may know, a few months ago I entered Afrotech Fest’s Young Writer’s competition, and… I won! I was so chuffed when I heard the great news! When I found out that my story would be turned into a comic, I started running around the house shouting like a hooligan (with the consequences of getting told off by Mummy!)

My story had to be edited though because my story needed to fit their mascots: the Afronaut Squad. They also changed it up to fit the scene and had to minimise to comic amounts.

The comic is available if you email:, but I also wanted to share my original story with you. So here it is:

The Mysteries of Undiscovered Tech

There’s a strange sound coming from the bridge of station, Chichi thought. She ran to try and get to the station since the noise startled everyone. She had to run swiftly before her twin brother, Ajaku – who really liked her but she found annoying – followed her, or her older irritating sister, Melanie and her ignorant boyfriend Makakario, came to pester her. 

When she finally arrived at the rusty old metal bridge, there was nothing but a book there. But wait… the book started moving. It was like it was calling her, urging her to read it. So she picked it up. The book was called The Mysteries of Undiscovered Tech. She read the first chapter named Beginners Of Mysterious Tech. As soon as she read that chapter she automatically loved the book.

Once she arrived at their hangout made of all the alien material that they had found so far, she tried to sneak up to her private room. She had to avoid her ignorant sister and her dumb boyfriend, or her little twin brother (little by ten minutes and forty-eight seconds), before they came asking her a million questions about her time at the bridge. Luckily none of that happened, so she slipped into her room and finished the book within two and a half hours. Now she was fully educated on all things tech.

When her little twin brother was telling her how good she was with their technology homework, he said in his squeaky little voice, “I bet you could build an AI humanlike robot.” That really got Chichi excited. She ran up to her room and wrote a list of what she needed and dashed out of the hangout to find her equipment. 

When she got home she was drenched in sweat. She looked like she had just bathed with her clothes on. At least Chichi had all of her equipment and she didn’t spend a penny; it was all ground substance. She counted all of her equipment seven times just to be sure. She was jumping with joy. It was now nine thirty p.m and Chichi was knackered, so she told herself she’d finish it the next day.

“Brrrrrrrrr! Clash! Bang!” that was the noise of Chichi building her humanoid robot.

“Shut up Chiia!” that was the sound of her irritating sister and boyfriend. But Chiia Mosacka Ajuru did not care what they said, she just wanted to make her robot. She used all the informative text in that information packed book. 

Then it happened. “Poof!”. She burnt her finger on the cables, and boy did it sting! She sat on the floor for about five minutes. Then the whole dynamic of her creating the robot changed – shechanged. She was not the same Chiia Mosacka Ajuru that she was before she got the electric shock. She now copied the technology information from the worst chapter: The Evil but Amazing Technology. It was like she was now evil and wanted to use this robot to destroy the planet. And that’s what she was going to do.

“Finished! Bravo!” she praised herself. It was ready, it was made; the Land Destroyer was finally born. It was a girl (of course) it was quite tall and it had skin the colour of milk chocolate. It had a light soft voice.

It didn’t take that long before Chichi let the robot free. Any human the Land Destroyer went past, she had to torment. Every empty house she had to ruin. Any sign of life – plants, animals, aliens – had to be converted to death. Life on planet Lovuierete had changed. It was now destroyed.

Wait! What was that who had come to save the day? Was it Makakario? She could see his giant space suit running towards her. Then she heard that squeaky voice – that’s not Makakario’s voice! Who could it be? It spoke again; she recognised that squeak – it was Ajaku! Her not so little twin brother wearing Makakario’s giant space suit! 

Ajaku leapt towards the Land Destroyer, but her electricity was so powerful that she sent him flying, even while he was wearing Makakario’s collossal spacesuit. He reached up again, grabbing for the head this time, because that’s where the robot’s chip was located, but the Land Destroyer’s power was increasing, and Ajaku flew ten metres back! He reached for the head once again, and, third time lucky, this time succeeded. He ripped the chip out and threw it to the ground. Using the gigantic foot of Makakario’s spacesuit, he stamped on the chip, destroying it for eternity. 

Ajaku had wiped out the evil robot and wiped out Chichi’s evil spirit. 

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