Emily Knight by the night-light

Aww man! Emily Knight got me busted! While I was pretending to be asleep, I was really secretly reading the second Emily Knight book with a torch under my duvet. Then in came mum, tiptoeing and SHABANG! Mum catches me red-handed doing some secret reading! And I was at the good bit! Now my torch is gone. 

Here’s a bit of back story: I recently received some books from Hashtag press. Two of the books that they sent me were from the Emily Knight series by A. Bello: Emily Knight I Am…and Emily Knight I Am… Awakened. When I first opened the parcel I saw vibrant colours from the first book of the series and dark green from the second book. This made me quite excited to see the difference between the two books in the series. Now that I had seen them, I was intrigued to read them.

When I read the first page of book 1 I liked it but I wasn’t in love with it yet, because I had hoped it would jump straight into the action. But when I got into it I realised that the back story was needed. I soon couldn’t stop reading it when the drama began. I started the second book straight away and it was just as exciting. That’s why I risked getting moaned at by my mum for secret-reading late at night!

I also liked the romance between the characters and how awkward it could get sometimes, which made it even more interesting! I like the way A. Bello mixed fantasy with action like when the characters found out some alarming news. They were really tense! 

My favourite character was definitely Wesley – I can say that without hesitation. I say that because he was so humorous and was always teasing his friends. He was also quite cocky. I also got upset when things didn’t work out how I wished they did. Wesley helped when everyone was distressed. 

My favourite part was the second Revolution night because I loved how well Emily and Wesley bonded. I could read that part of the story over and over again because I loved it so much. Find out more by getting the book (hint!)

I would  say these book is for ages 11+ as there are some humorous bits that younger children may not understand. I would definitely recommend these books to ages 11+ because the books were excellent. I would rate these books infinity out of five!

Now, I’m going on a torch hunt…

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