I Rate STEMettes Tenettes!

Last week I went to STEMettes Future Summit at the Bank of America Merril Lynch. They inspired me to do a lot within the STEM industry such as being a coder, a doctor or even an astronaut! We even had a message from a real astronaut called Helen Sharman about her journey to space and back to earth again. I was shown that even if your journey is rough, you have to try your hardest and never give up.

When I woke up on the morning of the summit, I was screaming with delight. I practically shot out of bed! Then I got ready as rapidly as possible because I didn’t want to miss a moment of anything. I had to keep on urging my mum to hurry up so that we wouldn’t be late (which is quite usual for me and my mum)!

Once we arrived, one of the first things I noticed was how many girls came. Girls of my age, younger girls, older girls – girls of all ages! It made me feel like I can do anything I want in life. It also made me feel like a lot of other girls where there to support one another. 

When we had signed in, we had a great breakfast: remarkable pastries that almost rivalled my love for jerk chicken, juice, peppermint tea and my mum’s much needed coffee. After we had eaten, Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon, the CEO of STEMettes came on to stage. I was clapping with so much energy and enthusiasm that I almost dropped my cinnamon whirl! 

Dr. Imafidon gave an astonishing speech.She told us about how excited she was to have us all here and that we all can be great and achieve miraculous things. Soon after that, a few people gave their own inspirational speeches to all of the guardians and kids. A woman called Selina Pavan,  FICC tech and architecture at the Bank Of Merril Lynch, delivered an exquisite speech. She told us all to stay curious, love what you do, build a community and to share your knowledge. This was important to me because Selina empowered me and shared her passion with me. 

Once the introduction was over, my mum went to the parents session and gave me some freedom at a session called: Making The Most of a Mentor. I really liked that session because it made me realise how much that you can do with a little bit of help. They said that a mentor will always help to guide you and push you along the way, this made me feel like if I ever had a mentor they would be a good help. One of the speakers, Vanessa Madu, was particularly inspirational for me because she was a mathematician just like me.

After that, I went to a workshop called ‘Project Web’. I got to hack into my school website (sorry school!) We also created our very own websites about significant STEMettes. I also made a few friends during this lesson, which was a bonus point! I also quite liked the fact that there was a big screen with video chat on it so we could video chat the other room! 

Soon after, I went to another workshop called Project Web. We had to look for clues to get to the main source  of the persons personal details and that was very hard. I also learnt a bit about Morse code and that was interesting. The challenge was incredibly challenging. I was really good at opening the padlock I done it by gathering the information that we already had and used it for the padlock. Now I know how to hack. Watch out…

Later that day, we had some magnificent burgers chips and salad for lunch. We even had nitrogen ice cream for dessert! There were no more seats left so we sat next to a girl with her mum. I was actually very thankful that we sat next to these people because they were very nice. The girl and I  had a lot in common because we both like coding, football and swimming!

After we had our glorious lunch, I went to life as a life scientist talk. I found this talk very intriguing because they taught me way more about life scientist, which is a person who studies all living things. I had never thought about life science much before as I am not often around animals – city kid! But this workshop showed me how many different types of life science there is.

Soon after I done a Bit Bot session. A Bit Bot is a robot whose source is a MicroBit. I was surprised to see that the girl who was running the session was only eleven! Her name is Avey and she also writes a blog which you can read here. When I found out her age she inspired me automatically. It also made me realise that no matter what age you are you can do whatever you like. It also reminds me of the quote, ‘Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.’ I used Microbit website to code the Bit Bot. I have used Microbit at school and at AfroTech Fest so that helped me and my partner immensely. I enjoyed the end because I got to see how hard we had worked together. We were so good together that we even we even got each others’ phone numbers!

Then at the end of the day, sadly I had to leave. But I did really enjoy my day and I will treasure some of those moments forever.  

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