High Expectations for High Rise Mystery

 “If you think finding a body is a fun adventure, you’re 33% right.”

In the right place at the wrong time. There’s  been a murder in The Tri, and super-sleuths Nik and Norva are the detective duo the block needs to solve it.

High Rise Mystery, blurb

I recently finished “High Rise Mystery’. This book was fabulous and the red herrings were placed perfectly. I will try my best not to spoil it for you! 

My favourite character is definitely Norva. She has this fun energetic spark inside her that really compliments her sass. I think that Sharna Jackson spent a lot of time developing her characters, and it really shows because the characters seem real; the characters’ thoughts and perspectives were well developed and that definitely helped the book flourish.

My favourite part of the novel is when Nik and Norva crack the case and found out who done the crime (no spoilers!) I like this part because the person I expected to have done the crime didn’t really do it and a rush of relief surged through my veins.

I would highly recommend this book to ages 10-13 as anyone younger would find it a bit too scary. They also would not understand the mystery and that is the main aspect of the story.  

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