Proud and Gifted: how to end the decade

Just over one year ago, Steven Oram launched Proud and Gifted, a positive platform dedicated to celebrating young people’s achievements. It’s an important platform as the media usually showcases young people negatively and that doesn’t help us at all; however Proud and Gifted shows young people’s talents and achievements which inspires other young people to do the same.

Proud and Gifted inspires young people to achieve something in our lives. It also shows that there are people who will notice us if we are trying to make a change and will reward us for it. These rewards that are being given inspire others to try to make a change: all of this can help the world.

In total, 22 young people have been awarded by Proud and Gifted since their launch in December 2018 (including me!) Some other young people that have been rewarded include Savanah Morgan – a young athlete and the fastest girl in Great Britain, Omari McQueen – 11-year-old founder and CEO of vegan food company Dipalicious UK and Jameisha Prescod, who was awarded with a Proud and Gifted Certificate and Medal for helping people with chronic illnesses and speaking publicly about healthcare. 

When I received my award for writing and blogging last summer, I was astonished because it took me by complete surprise. It felt nice to be positively noticed.

Proud and Gifted have had a very busy 2019. As well as awarding young people for their achievements, founder Steven Oram has had a guest appearance on BBC radio London with Eddie Nestor, been a guest on Tim Arthur’s BBC radio show, and his stand out moment of the year was being guest speaker at Eton College in celebration of Black History Month, showing BAME children in such establishments.

Altogether I think that Proud and Gifted is a fantastic social enterprise to have because it empowers young people and embraces their achievements. 

I look forward to what Proud and Gifted brings us in 2020. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to see what young people are up to this year!

Here is when I received my award from Proud and Gifted

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